Damon Dash accuses Rachel Roy of threatening his life and stealing $20K worth of his jewelry

Damon Dash and his ex-wife Rachel Roy are currently locked into a gritty custody battle, with accusations being thrown on both sides.

The latest of these accusations came in court documents filed on Friday in which Dash claimed Roy had threatened his life with a knife and stolen from him.

Dash claimed that Roy had thrown plates at him, threatened him and stolen from him, taking two diamond chains worth $10,000 each and a $5,000 Bottega Veneta suitcase.

He also claimed that Roy drove drunk with their youngest daughter in the car and that he was unable even to visit his kids because she would call the police to report a kidnapping. “I can’t even pick my daughter up, haven’t seen her in three weeks, four weeks. It’s considered kidnapping just to raise my kid,” he said in one of the Instagram videos uploaded this week complaining that Roy was preventing him from seeing his children.

On the other side of things, Roy claimed that Dash was unfit, saying he was a drug abuser and that he had recently failed to send their daughter to school. She wants his visitation rights revoked entirely. She was also recently granted a restraining order against Dash.