An underage drinker in Texas was understandably relieved when she got out of a citation, but it was the way she skirted the citation that has people talking.

The girl, who was white, beat three police officers in a game of “Rock, Paper Scissors,” and after the game, the officers decided to let her go.

The incident was recorded on cell phone video during the Chilifest, a country music festival near Texas A&M, and has since gone viral, with several people pointing out the glaring discrepancy between this method of dealing with underage drinkers and the recent news about police brutality against African-Americans for similarly minor citations or even, in a recent case, beating officers at basketball.

Dennis Gaas, constable for Burleson County Precinct 2, said that officers are often brought into the area from surrounding areas for the Chilifest in an attempt to help with crowd and traffic control, with up to 100 officers being hired just for the occasion. He said that the three officers involved in the “Rock, Paper Scissors” game would not be asked to come back to Chilifest.

“(Playing) games to get someone out of a ticket, I have a problem with that,” Gaas said. He later added, “It gives all of us a bad name.”