Brutal attack at gas station caught on camera, man attacked for asking teens to 'quiet down'

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An attack at a Memphis gas station was caught on camera, showing dozens of teens swarming and punching a man who asked them to “quiet” down.

A woman who was nearby described the incident to WREG-TV, saying she didn’t feel safe walking to her car and was “freaked out.”

The man, Orrden Williams, was then attacked by the large group of students. Video footage shows several students punching Williams repeatedly.

Watch the horrific attack unfold below:

“As we get to the car they are in the parking lot throwing up gang signs and putting up a ruckus,” Williams said, noting that one of the kids then “sucker punched” him.

Williams said he rushed to his car, but the attacks kept coming, and a few of the punches came just inches from hitting his 3-month old baby. The attack was so bad that Williams said he considered going for the gun in his car.

“It would have been a couple of ‘mommas’ who’s child wouldn’t have come home — justifiably not coming home,” Williams said.

As he was being attacked, Williams tried to re-enter the gas station’s convenience store. But a fearful attendant inside prevented the door from opening.

Police say Williams’ baby was not injured and are aware of the surveillance footage.