TMZ Screen capture

Back in January, Adrien Broner was arrested for a DUI, and recently, TMZ Sports obtained footage of the boxer being pulled over for said DUI. In the footage, Broner continues to insist that he is not drunk, all while bragging about his career and the money and name he has made for himself.

The officer who pulls Broner over in the footage seems upset after seeing Broner driving in two lanes, and she seems even more annoyed when Broner can be heard slurring words, but eventually, Broner seems to charm her, and she ends up telling him that she wishes him only the best.

During the conversation, Broner repeatedly emphasized his fame, saying things like, “”Ya’ll don’t know who you arrested. If ya’ll did, I’d be on the news right now.” He also insists that he is “blessed” because of his career, in which he has made over $100 million.

As the conversation went on, the officer compliments Broner’s physique and asks where he fights, to which Broner responds, “the world.”

In the video, Broner repeatedly said that he was not drunk, and since the incident, he has continued to maintain his innocence. He plans on fighting the DUI charges against him.

Watch the footage below courtesy of TMZ.