Teen who was temporarily paralyzed surprises nurse by walking

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A Texas teen who had been paralyzed from the waist down for 11 days has made a miraculous recovery.

The teen’s favorite nurse was unaware of her recovery and was shocked when Bailey Murrill started walking.

The two shared a hug and some tears – and it’s all captured on video.

The video was posted online by the teen’s mother Becky with this caption:

Our daughter, Bailey, had complete paralysis from the waist down for 11 days with no explanation as to why. This video is of one of her favorite nurses coming onto her shift and not knowing that Bailey had started walking this day.

Watch the incredible moment happen below:

[youtubevid video=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=75odu9sxwEA” id=”75odu9sxwEA” w=”640″ h=”360″]

In the video, which has already been viewed more than 4 million times, the teen is wheeling herself down a hallway in a wheelchair toward her favorite nurse as the nurse begins her shift.

They approach each other to say hello, and then the teen stands up out of her wheelchair in front of the nurse.

The nurse screams in delight and hugs her patient close, repeating, “Thank you, Lord” over and over as the two embrace.

“Oh, I’ve been praying for you,” the nurse says.

Consider your heart strings tugged on.