A recent Dave Chappelle performance in Detroit has some fans irate.

Many have expressed their frustration at the comedian and are asking for refunds, accusing him of a “slurred-speech” routine. Some felt he was “drunk.”

The 41-year-old Chappelle “sat quietly” on the stage as he smoked, “rambled” and told few jokes, according to fans.

“Let’s hear some of the act!” shouted a heckler at one point.

Watch the footage from the Chappelle concert below:

“Well, sir, it’s a little late for that. Right now I’ve gotta get off the stage because it’s 2 o’clock in the morning,” Chapelle said. It was actually 1 a.m., as a fan pointed out later.

While Chapelle was able to turn the situation around and make light of the routine on Friday, the Facebook page for the venue where he performed was still crowded with refund requests.

One upset Facebook user said of the show:

Horrible don’t go. Second show last night was ridiculous. Walked out. Did not get what I paid for….. refunds please!

Still, at least one fan enjoyed the experience, writing:
Crowd interaction was great. Someone wud yell something and he wud make it a joke. #funny..i understand some ppl were frustrated with the flow of show but all the stuff he was saying was funny. Ppl need to lighten up.