Jesse Williams, never change.

The Grey’s Anatomy¬†actor is at it again, posting a series of scathing tweets aimed at the national media’s coverage of the protests in Baltimore. Williams, 33, also isn’t pleased with the sweeping criticism of the mostly young black men who have participated in rioting, looting and or destruction of property.

Monday, the outspoken Williams began posting both thought-provoking questions and bold statements calling for a more critical look at the real issues surrounding the death of Freddie Gray.

Then Williams dropped a gem:

The question Williams raises is an important one. Why such the obsessive and obnoxious attention on property damage? Where is the outcry for accountability in the Baltimore Police Department?

It’s a sentiment that activist DeRay Mckesson seemed to share in a brutally honest exchange with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday.

We’ll let you know when Williams starts doing TV appearances. It’s only a matter of time before his tweets turn into video gold.