Fox News reporter Leland Vittert was attempting to interview Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) about the protests in the wake of Freddie Gray.

He tried it.

But the congressman had other plans, namely encouraging young people in the streets to go home and not break curfew.

Vittert, at anchor Sean Hannity’s request, asked Cummings if President Barack Obama had “rushed to judgment” on the situation in Baltimore.

Rep. Cummings quickly replied that the president had not and had instead conferred with Attorney General Loretta Lynch about the particulars of the case.

Watch Cummings shout down a Fox News reporter below:

And then he had enough.

“Excuse me, I want you to help me to get these people to go home…. Let’s go home!” Cummings said.

When Vittert remarked that Cummings “didn’t have much interest” in answering the questions Hannity posed, Cummings shot back, “I’m interested in people going home!”

Later, Cummings remarked that most of the protesters that the media was supposed to be covering were already gone and that many of them had gone home. He said that the real reason the streets were still populated was the media presence.

“There are more media than people,” he said.”I want you all to understand that most of us are media. This is media here. The people have gone home,” Cummings continued. “Thank God.”