Eddie Murphy debuts video for reggae tune 'Oh Jah Jah'

theGRIO REPORT - Oh Eddie. It's been four month's since we first heard Eddie Murphy's reggae tune "Oh Jah Jah." Wednesday, the comedian and actor released the song's official music video on YouTube...

Oh Eddie.

It’s been four month’s since we first heard Eddie Murphy’s reggae tune “Oh Jah Jah.” Wednesday, the comedian and actor released the song’s official music video on YouTube.

The video, released on Wednesday, was directed by Richard Gumbs III and features hazy effects. Murphy sings along with his band in the studio in a starry shirt while playing guitar.

But does this music video mean Murphy has plans to drop a full album?

Watch Eddie Murphy’s video for ‘Oh Jah Jah’ below:

[youtubevid video=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5ghGChEFmXo” id=”5ghGChEFmXo” w=”640″ h=”360″]

“If people respond to ’Oh Jah Jah’ then I might,” Murphy told Rolling Stone back in January. “If people don’t, that s–t will just stay on the shelf where it’s at. And I’m cool with that. I’m cool with all my s–t being on the shelf until 100 years from now. Everything comes out 100 years from now,” Murphy said. “Any artist that did anything, once you’re gone, they go looking through all your s–t. Like this scrap of paper that you drew on. If I’m doing a movie or if I’m going onstage, that’s me being funny. But music, I do that all the time, for free.”

We actually don’t hate it. For those aware of Murphy’s previous musical exploits, “not hating” is a marked improvement.