Visually impaired woman meets her unborn son thanks to 3-D ultrasound

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Tatiana Guerra, 30, lost her sight at 17 and has been navigating the world by touch ever since. Because of this, she did not think she would be able to see her unborn son before he was born. After all, she could not look at the ultrasounds the doctors performed.

However, as part of a #CountingtheDays campaign by the Brazil branch of Huggies’ parent brand, Kimberly-Clark, Guerra was able to meet her son with after a 3-D printing of her ultrasound helped her “feel” the image.

The technology, helped along by Goodfellas, allowed Guerra to feel her son’s nose, mouth, and chin, in a video called Meeting Murilo.

The video shows the doctor asking, “If you could touch him, would that let you know what he’s like?”

When Guerra responds, “Yes,” the doctors bring out the printed image of her son.

“I’m very happy to meet Murilo before he’s born,” Guerra says. She then bursts into tears and into laughter.

While this 3-D printed sonogram is not yet the norm for visually impaired pregnant women to be able to see their unborn children, there are yet more ways that this technology can be explored, with many other implications for prenatal care.