Michael Brown shooting witness Dorian Johnson: Police are targeting my family

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Dorian Johnson, a witness to the shooting of Michael Brown, said he believes that he and his family are being targeted by police.

This declaration comes after Dorian and his two brothers, Demonte and Otis, were arrested and brought up on charges of resisting arrest. All three say they were mistreated during the arrest and have continued to be mistreated while in jail.

The incident on Wednesday began when police say they were responding to reports of a fight and concerns over a man with a gun.

Watch a full interview with Dorian Johnson below:


In describing the incident, Demonte said, “[The officer] grabbed Otis by his wrist and just yanked him real hard off the sidewalk and threw him into the grass.”

Demonte said he grabbed the officer to protect his brother, out of instinct.

“So as he was doing that, I grabbed the officer and Otis by the wrist. Then I thought ‘I can’t touch the officer.'”

Dorian also said that he was simply trying to help his brothers when he was arrested.

“I have injuries on my body. I have injuries and scars from [when the officer] slammed my face down on the concrete,” Dorian said. “[They] hit me on the cruiser, put me in the cruiser, raised up all the windows, and put it on high heat.”

KMOV reports that family members are “surprised” at Demonte’s behavior because he is enrolled in college.

Demonte’s grandmother said she still believes everything that happened was intentional.

“Dorian has this target on his back,” his grandmother, Brenda Johnson, said. “So it makes it easy. If we can’t get you, we will get your brothers. We will get your family. We will get anybody that’s close to you.”