School nurse threatens 11-year-old with expletives, racial slurs

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A Georgia school nurse has been accused of shouting profanities and a racial slur at an 11-year-old in the school cafeteria.

Eleven-year-old Jason Ezzard and another boy were throwing a bag of chips back and forth when the nurse approached him and began yelling at him. According to the witness statements of six children and three adults, she swore at him and followed him around.

“Degrading. Very degrading,” said Jason’s mother, Tormeka Ezzard. “‘I’m going to [expletive] you up’ — you’re talking to an 11-year-old. ‘I’m going to your [expletive] lights out.’ You’re talking to an 11-year-old!”

Watch a full report on the disturbing allegations below:

According to the statements, the nurse continued to swear and even used a racial slur before another teacher intervened.

After the incident, the nurse was suspended for two days, but Ezzard says that is not enough.

“If it would’ve been the other way around, Jason would have been locked up, on the spot,” she said. “I would have been going to pick my child up at the Clayton County Juvenile Detention Center. What makes her any different from Jason?”

The school said that the punishment was adequate because the nurse had not had any previous complaints against her, but Ezzard wants the case reopened.

“She’s abused my child physically, mentally, and verbally, and no one will help me,” she said.