Stevie Wonder rolls with Snoop Dogg in new music video

VIDEO - Stevie Wonder, Nia Long, and Pharrell William appear in Snoop Dogg's latest video, 'California Roll'...

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Stevie Wonder teamed up with Snoop Dogg for his latest track, “California Roll.”

The rapper/actor released the visual for a new video featuring Pharrell Williams and a guest appearance from Nia Long.

“California Roll” serves as the opening track for Snoop’s 13th album, Bush.

In an interview with Noisey, Warren Fu, the video’s directorsm explained the concept behind “California Roll.”

“Because it was three superstars, I was aiming for ‘event video’ vibes,” he said. “The kind of pop culture thing like when MJ would shut down prime time for his premieres. My initial concept was a spin on Star Tours. It was Pharrell’s idea to make the LA futuristic-Egyptian hybrid and Snoop’s idea to make the actual ride take place in the Forties — which then takes them on a journey into the future.”

Don’t miss Snoop and Stevie riding a flying yellow convertible above the pyramid-studded Hollywood Hills.

Watch the video below:

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