77-year-old great-grandmother training for outdoor world championships in track

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Rose Green turned 77 Sunday, but slowing down is not in her vocabulary.

Green is a champion sprinter, having picked up the sport roughly two years ago. Yes, at the age of 75, Green started running, according toFox 5 report.

Now she’s one of the best in the world in her age group.

“This older guy, he’s 91 now, he always said to me ‘You are Jamaican, you are born to sprint,'” Green said of what inspired her to start.

“‘Why don’t you go ahead and do the sprints?'” the man asked her.

So Green started and hasn’t looked back.

Watch 77-year-old Rose Green put everyone to shame below:


Her coach, Cortez Austin, says Green is a celebrity in the Maryland area where she trains. The pair have been dating for four years.

“He’ll tell me, ‘Your form is not right, you’re not going as fast as you should,’” Green said of Austin’s coaching methods. “He’s a very strict coach even though we are lovers.”

Green’s next goal is training for the USA Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships in July. Green says she is also a proud great-grandmother.

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