Sasheer Zamata says Rihanna was 'drunk,' dismissive during 'SNL'

theGRIO REPORT - 'Saturday Night Live' cast member Sasheer Zamata says Rihanna dissed her during her recent appearance on the show...

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Rihanna appeared as the musical guest on the season finale of Saturday Night Live May 16.

SNL cast member Sasheer Zamata opened up in a recent interview about what it was like to meet the pop star who she periodically portrays on the show.

Zamata says that Rihanna is the first celebrity that she has come face-to-face with starring on the sketch comedy show.

“We had had a good night after the dress rehearsal, and she turned around and saw me and she was like ‘Hey!’ and she gave me a hug,” Zamata said during a live chat on Brunch Night With Jamie LeeLo in Brooklyn, New York, on Saturday.

Watch a Sasheer’s Rihanna ‘impression’ below:

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Zamata revealed that things quickly took a turn for the worst after the live show kicked off.

“Then she got drunker progressively throughout the show,” Sasheer continued, “and at the end of good nights for the actual show, I went up to give her a hug because I was like ‘We’re good, we’re besties now.'”

“And I was like ‘Hey!’ and she was like [mimes dismissive wave].’ So I was like, ‘Oh wow, your true feelings are coming out!'”

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