Former Duke basketball star say cops pulled guns on him, then asked for autographs

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Nolan Smith, a former Duke basketball player, vented his frustration on Twitter over the way he was treated by Durham police officers.

Smith said that when officers pulled him over, they approached him yelling and with weapons raised. He said that he rolled his windows down because his windows were tinted and he wanted to show that he meant no harm, but they still approached with their weapons.

Watch a full report on the police stop below:

A spokesperson for the Durham Police Department said that Smith was pulled over for a tint violation and that his car did not stop for several blocks. One of the officers pulled his weapon as a safety precaution, because they were unable to see into the back of Smith’s car.

Smith was issued a warning ticket for the tint violation.

Smith tweeted out a play-by-play of what happened:

Smith is in Durham for the annual K Academy Duke Basketball Fantasy Camp.