Michael Ealy gets creepy with Sanaa Lathan in new film trailer for 'Perfect Guy'

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Somebody tell Sanaa Lathan that Michael Ealy is hiding under her bed.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of plot twists in the actors’ upcoming film The Perfect Guy. Ealy plays a charming turned creepy stalker guy who turns Lathan’s life upside down.

USA TODAY premiered the new trailer Wednesday. If Ealy hiding under a bed isn’t enough, the trailer also includes some clips of Morris Chestnutt walking shirtless in a bath robe.

But back to the bed scene – even Ealy was disturbed by it.

“I was creeped out by that moment,” Ealy told USA TODAY. “That was awful for me. It was like, this is not voyeuristic, it’s not sexy. This is just (bleeping) awful. Just awful.”

According to IMDB, Lathan plays “Leah Vaughn,” a lobbyist looking for marriage and kids from her reluctant longtime boyfriend “Dave,” played by Morris Chestnut.

When Ealy’s character “Carter Duncan,” enters the fray, all bets are off.

The Perfect Guy hits theaters September 15.