Kennesaw State University academic advisor Abby Dawson has been suspended after the university conducted a review when video was released of a confrontation between Dawson and a student.

In the confrontation, which was caught on video, Dawson told a student that she considered it “harassment” for a student to wait for her to be available for a meeting.

On Friday, KSU, a Georgia university, announced that it had begun a review in May of its advising for the Department of Exercise Science and Sport Management following complaints by students.

Dawson was suspended from her advising duties and will be temporarily reassigned. She also received a formal written warning.

“While we in no way condone Ms. Dawson’s actions, we also acknowledge that we need to make some changes in our advising structure to provide more training and support for our staff so that they are better equipped to help our students navigate their college experience,” Ken Harmon, provost and vice president of academic affairs, said in a statement.

Part of that new support system for the university includes centralizing the advising for the college; deploying student-service, diversity and cross-training for all advisors; and hiring more staff in order to better reach all students with advising needs.

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