Black pastor invites Glenn Beck to Birmingham for MLK 'Dream' speech anniversary


Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Bishop Jim L. Lowe, pastor of Guiding Light Church, has invited TV personality Glenn Beck to speak at his church on August 28, the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

“It is about the church standing together, to be unified, not divided, out of concern about things going on in the world,” the pastor said.

Beck’s appearance will be part of his “Never Again is Now” campaign, which seeks to raise funds to reach a $2 million goal in order to help with relief efforts in the Middle East.

“I believe it’s time for the church to speak out,” Lowe said. “It’s about what God says it’s true, not what’s politically correct.”

“What he’s trying to do is rally support over the next couple months over injustices in places like Ferguson, Baltimore, or Libya, to speak out and make a difference,” Lowe said.

One of the topics of conversation at Beck’s appearance will be the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. “Why isn’t the church speaking out?” he asked.

“Hatred never accomplishes anything,” Lowe said. “Violence never accomplishes anything. The message of Christ is a message of love.”

While many may criticize Lowe’s decision to invite Beck, he said that the TV personality was a fellow Christian and that they agreed on things such as the supremacy of scripture in solving worldwide problems.

“When it comes down to the supremacy of the word of God, I march lockstep with him,” Lowe said. “I’m willing to stand with him. If a person accepts Jesus Christ, that makes him my brother.”