Texas nurse's butt injection death ruled a homicide

theGRIO REPORT - Dallas County medical examiner's office have ruled a Texas nurse's death from butt injections a homicide...

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Dallas County medical examiner’s office have ruled a Texas nurse’s death from butt injections a homicide.

Thirty-four year-old Wykesha Reid was found dead February 19 after a butt injection at a black market cosmetic surgery shop, reports The Dallas Morning News. She was discovered lying on the operating table.

On Monday, the medical examiner’s office released its findings from the autopsy, ruling Reid’s death a homicide. Reid died from a clot in her lungs that formed when silicone from the injections made its way through her blood stream.

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Denise “Wee Wee” Ross, 43, and Alicia Clarke, 31, who were running the black market operation, according to police, were initially charged with practicing medicine without a license, but the new autopsy findings could put murder charges on their slates as well.

Both have been released on bail.