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Erica Campbell recently opened up in an interview about her campaign to talk about sexuality in Christianity called More Than Pretty.

She says she began the campaign because she wanted to teach young girls about their bodies and about “God’s design to love and intimacy.”

“I think the world we live in today talks a lot about intercourse and not about interconnection or intimacy, which is what God designed,” Campbell told The Huffington Post. “And when you do things God’s way I believe you get God’s results. Growing up in church you hear a lot of ‘Don’t, don’t, don’t. Don’t talk about it. Don’t think about it.’”

“And then you get married and you’re supposed to be fully equipped and fully prepared,” she added. “And yes, you could probably figure it out, but I think if you understand the power of your sexuality and the beauty of it, and how God created you to be, you’re armed with information that can allow you to have a healthy relationship.”

She said that she set out with this campaign not for attention but because, in this digital age, she believes too many young woman are getting their education on these matters from the wrong places.

“We’re talking about it to educate a young 16-year-old or 17-year-old girl who may have had sex and feels like she knows everything, but her reference for it all came from not God’s design for it,” she said. “I do believe sex is for marriage, I’m a bit old school in that respect, but if you understand more in detail the reasons why, you’ll go, ‘Oh, OK I get it now.’ So I think people support learning. I don’t think anyone would be against learning.”

She hopes that this campaign will spread nation-wide.

For more information on Erica Campbell’s “More Than Pretty” campaign head here.