Talk about a sugar high!

One California mother isn’t too happy with her local candy store.

Naomi Lopez recently found her son with sour apple “ooze” candy labeled “Liquid Weed” that he had purchased from Candy Heaven, a popular store in Old Sacramento, California. Alarmed, Lopez contacted the store to raise concerns regarding what she felt was an inappropriate label.

“It’s targeting children, that’s how I see it. It’s in reach of children,” Lopez noted in an interview with KTLA 5 — her local news-station.

The owner of the candy store has maintained that the product labeled “Liquid Weed” is only candy but refused to comment any further.

California’s medical marijuana laws have created a flood of  products actually containing marijuana packing the shelves of licensed dispensaries throughout the state. The only prerequisite for purchase is a prescription.

For Lopez, mislabeling therefore raises major implications as she believes her son could have gotten into serious trouble if the candy with the misleading label had been brought to school. She’s now calling for either the store or the manufacturer to take action and change the way it labels the product.

“I want the label taken off. I want it relabeled,” Lopez said.