World Wide Nate brings you Oakland

Oakland, or “Oaktown,” is home to over 400,000 residents. With its rich culture and unique inspiration, Oakland is a city renowned by many for its diversity. Oakland is the eighth largest city in California and is located in Alameda Country, just six miles east of San Francisco.

Oakland offers numerous points of interest for those visiting or living in the area. Anyone from a child to an adult will be more than entertained by the Oakland Zoo, Jack London Square, The Chabot Space and Science Center, as well as the Oakland Museum of California that is host to an amazing array of food and art.

Largely known for being one of the busiest ports (for transportation or trade) on the West Coast, The Port of Oakland, founded in 1927, was the first major port on the Pacific Coast. It has been named the fifth busiest port in the US.

Aside from its influx of trade, Oakland offers some of the best eateries in the state. Its restaurants are some of the top on “best of” lists nationwide, such as Brown Sugar Kitchen, located on the west side of Oakland at 2534 Mandela Parkway. Brown Sugar is owned by Tanya Holland, who prides herself on supporting locally grown and organic foods in her cooking. Her soul food restaurant is a must for an indulgence for fried chicken and waffles.

However, if you are looking for more of a “food to go” place, you can visit the El Jalicience Taco Truck, whose authentic menu has customers lining up. Located in the Airport District, El Jalicience’s mouthwatering Carnitas burrito is a must have. For more of an Oakland “unknown treasure,” you can dine at Michel Bistro. Nestled on Lakeshore Drive, this bistro prides itself on bringing the French cuisine of South France to shores of “the bay.”

Oakland has numerous activities and clubs to frequent. Whether it’s a basketball game at Oracle Stadium, cheering for the local Golden State Warriors or a club in the downtown district, Oakland’s entertainment is endless. The BART is a simple walk across the bridge. It allows anyone the opportunity to get the scenic view of “Oaktown” for less than $5 a person. The Lake Merritt is the largest tidal lagoon in Oakland and is just east of the downtown district. It is a popular walking and jogging path and hosts a fairy tale-themed amusement park.

But for the true “turn up” lifestyle, The Trappist in old Oakland will never disappoint. Located on 8th between Broadway and Washington, The Trappist is known for its beer and loyal clientele. The SomaR Bar features 2-for 1 drink nights. Or maybe you want more of a “taste of the island” venue; if so, the Kona Club is your destination. It is one of the largest tiki bars in Oakland. It is known for its relaxed atmosphere and spectacular erupting volcano.

Oakland is a city that will entertain any and every one, from its historic past to its diverse futures. For those that need a getaway, WELCOME TO OAKTOWN!