Cops reportedly took Dylann Roof to Burger King after a 'calm' arrest

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After arresting Charleston shooting suspect Dylann Roof, police officers reportedly took him out to Burger King. When police caught up to the shooter in Shelby, North Carolina, Roof complained that he was hungry, so they stopped at a nearby fast food restaurant.

“He was very quiet, very calm,” Shelby Police Officer Jeff Ledford told The Charlotte Observer. “He sat down here very quietly. He was not problematic.”

The entire story of the arrest paints a picture of eerie calm, as police report they followed Roof’s black Hyundai sedan for 35 miles before they pulled him over, at which point he simply rolled down his window and handed them his ID, saying, “I’m Dylann Roof.”

He told police officers that he was on his way to Nashville, Tennessee, because he had “never been there before.”

Along the way to Nashville, Roof stopped at a Shell station for some gas, water and Doritos as well as money from an ATM machine. The employees did not think anything was out of the ordinary and remarked that Roof even seemed polite. This was all before Roof’s picture was released to the public.

Roof has now been charged and has confessed to the nine murders committed at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church in a racially motivated hate crime.