Ku Klux Klan may be 'using' Charleston shooting to recruit new members

The KKK is using the Charleston shooting in order to recruit new members, calling Dylann Roof’s actions a “victory” in recruiting flyers distributed with candy.

In Fullerton in Orange County, California, residents discovered Tootsie Rolls and misspelled fliers that read, “Save our land, join the Klan in Calfornia,” on their lawns.

“It’s just wrong, there’s no words,” Fullerton resident Alia Cass told CBS Los Angeles. “That’s what it is — basically, there’s nothing right about it. Racism isn’t born — it’s taught.”

In Rockdale County, Georgia, police are searching door-to-door to find out if there were any witnesses or surveillance tapes to find out who was placing the fliers. “I want them to know that Rockdale County does not stand for this type of behavior,” Sheriff Eric Levett said.

Even Palm Beach, Florida, residents discovered the fliers. “I think it’s horrendous that this country, that people in our country, still feel like this,” resident Gamael Nassar said.

The Daily Beast reports that, when the number on the fliers is reached, a recorded message “hails” the “victory” of Dylann Roof and praises him for doing “what the Bible told him.”

“An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. They [black people] have spilled our blood too long. It’s about time someone spilled theirs,” the Daily Beast recounts.