Diddy talks about falling in hole on stage at BET Awards: 'I was scared, I had to get up'

theGRIO REPORT - Diddy opens up about falling into a hole on stage at the BET Awards...

Arguably the best performance from the BET Awards last night was the Bad Boy 20th anniversary reunion featuring Diddy, Mase, Lil’ Kim, 112, The Lox and Faith Evans.

During the performance, Diddy fell into a hole that was used by Lil’ Kim to make her grand entrance.

Diddy later posted a clip of the incident on Instagram.

“I was getting so loose I fell! LOL, but really though I busted my ass… IF YOU EVER FALL DOWN, get your ass up and FIGHT!!!!!!! But really though, I crack up every time I see this s***! It’s like I f***ing disappeared. HAAAAAA!!!! I was scared as f*** but I had to get up!” he wrote.


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