Bobbi Kristina's best friend: 'Nick Gordon choked and punched her, threw her into walls'

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Bobbi Kristina’s best friend, Alex Reid, is breaking her silence and revealing shocking details of abuse that Bobbi Kristina endured over the past year at the hands of her boyfriend, Nick Gordon.

Reid spoke exclusively to E! News, recalling incidents of domestic violence that Bobbi Kristina shared with her on a regular basis.

“He was known to choke her, throw her into walls, punch her in the jaw. Just unbelievable stuff,” Reid told E!’s Giuliana Rancic.

“I don’t know when he started hitting her,” says Alex. “But I know of at least four occasions when he struck her. She also told me about how he had tried to choke her once. She was definitely scared. She had some friends, but not many.”

Reid says Bobbi Kristina would often hide out in his mother’s closet and call her while distressed and hyperventilating.

“One time I remember she called me for three hours. She was hyperventilating. I could barely understand what she was saying because she was so distraught. When she could finally get the words out she told me he had been physically abusive. He had hit her in the face and thrown her against a wall.”

This shocking interview comes just days after a lawsuit was filed by Bobbi Kristina’s conservator which claims Gordon abused her.