A creative father is teaching his bully son a lesson he soon won’t forget, making him go toe-to-toe with a professional boxer.

According to the description of the video posted to YouTube, the father made his son get in the ring and fight the pro boxer for a few rounds.

The pro boxer enters the ring and immediately starts pounding his headgear in what appears to be an effort to intimidate the young bully before the match begins.

Minutes after the fight begins, the teenage boy is struggling to defend himself again the professional fighter.

A man on the side of the ring who appear’s to be the boy’s father is heard yelling,“Hit back, tough guy! Hit back, tough guy! Come on!”

Midway through the fight, the pro boxer is replaced by a younger contender who the teenager is also unable to fend off.

The video posted to YouTube Sunday already has over 1.5 million views and is sparking a debate on social media as to whether the father’s approach to disciplining his bully son was appropriate.