White woman chasing black kids on video: 'I'll hang your family from a tree'

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A Florida woman was captured on video chasing black children around with a baseball bat and shouting slurs at them.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, an argument broke out Sunday between 29-year-old Lisa Marie Elberson’s husband and one of the teens in the group, and that argument escalated to the point captured on video in which Elberson can be seen holding a black baseball bat and shouting at the teenagers.

“I’ll hang your family from my tree,” she shouted at one point, along with several other racist and homophobic slurs.

But Elberson’s husband continues to insist that his wife did nothing wrong, although he admits that she used the n-word. He said that she had taken the bat from her son so that her son would not use the bat against the teens.

“So he wouldn’t hurt the boy, to make sure that everything was safe, and that all that was going on was to talk,” he argued. “He really doesn’t have nothing on her. He don’t have nothing. All he has is my wife yelling at him. And that’s all she did.”

However, after Lake County deputies saw the video, they were convinced that a crime had indeed taken place and arrested Elberson on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse and simple battery.