Panera Bread manager punches female employee who was quitting

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A New York City Panera Bread became a boxing ring Wednesday afternoon when its manager was caught on video getting physical with an employee.

The female employee was reportedly in the process of quitting and was acting confrontational, which prompted the manager to act aggressively, according to witnesses.

The female employee tells the manager she doesn’t appreciate him corralling her and appears to hit him. She then tries to escape his grasp by hitting him in the upper body.

That’s when the male manager swings on the woman and connects. He is then separated by other employees.

One witness revealed the events that led up to the attack in an interview with Gawker:

“We walked in, in the middle of her quitting her job mid shift. She was yelling at a different manager than the one who hit her and was throwing some bags of chips on the ground, threatening to turn up in this bitch, etc. Really nothing I haven’t seen before or wouldn’t expect from someone who has to work at a f*cking Panera all day.Then out of nowhere, white shirt manager approaches her and immediately gets physical with her. He legit threw her down a flight of stairs and out the front door for really no reason, she runs around to the other entrance to retaliate and that’s where the video starts.”

Panera Bread has responded to the incident, revealing that both employees have been officially terminated, stating:

There were reports of a physical altercation between two associates at our Park Avenue South bakery-cafe. We have a zero tolerance policy for violence and worked swiftly with authorities to investigate. The associates who were determined to be involved no longer work for Panera.

The video of the incident has been viewed nearly 410,000 times.