Sherri Shepherd is reportedly coming back to The View.

According to sources close to the show, Shepherd has agreed to come back in the fall for a part-time position as part of an attempt to save the show. Insiders say she is expected to host at least twice a week.

It is probably not surprising that The View would turn to Shepherd for help after her May appearance brought so much energy to the show.

“Though the show was taped in advance and Whoopi Goldberg was out dealing with the death of her brother, everyone was blown away by how Sherri brought the energy of a live broadcast to the taped show. She had been so missed by the producers that many of them cried when she walked in the building,” a network source told Daily Mail Online.

“The excitement over asking her to return began as soon as her May 28 episode aired. ABC was insistent on making things work this time,” the source added.

ABC News had initially approached Joy Behar, also a former host of The View, about returning, but the negotiations “did not go well.”

Before the show goes on hiatus in August, it is expected that they will reveal the new rotating co-host structure of the show. When it returns in the fall, hopefully Shepherd can help breathe new life into it as well.