Glory Johnson reportedly wants $20K a month in spousal support from Brittney Griner

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Glory Johnson is seeking $20K a month from former spouse Brittney Griner as well as help with legal fees as the two end their marriage.

In addition to the $20,000 per month, Johnson has asked for an additional $10,000 in advance for legal fees, according to an ESPN report.

According to Johnson’s attorney, Stasy Click, Griner has “far superior control over the family’s financial resources” and Johnson is “without the necessary financial means to pay for legal representation in this matter.”

The pair of WNBA players were married on May 8, and on June 4, Johnson announced that she would not be able to play basketball this season because she is pregnant.

Griner petitioned to end the marriage the very next day and claimed that the in vitro fertilization that took place in order for Johnson to get pregnant was done without her knowledge. Furthermore, Griner claimed that she was “pressured into marriage under duress by Johnson’s threatening statements” and that the marriage was “based on fraud.”

Although Griner responded to Johnson’s request for spousal support with a statement saying that neither of them needed nor were entitled to such support, Johnson said that her ability to support herself had been hampered by her inability to play this season due to her pregnancy. Johnson also said that her finances had been hit by wedding costs and the costs of furniture for their home.