Birdman sues Jay Z's Tidal for $50 million over Lil Wayne's album

Birdman’s Cash Money Records is suing Jay Z’s TIDAL after the streaming service exclusively streamed Lil Wayne’s new album, Free Weezy Album.

The $50 million lawsuit alleges that the streaming of Wayne’s album was nothing but a “desperate and illegal attempt to save their struggling streaming service.”

The lawsuit further went on to note that Wayne’s album sales had been lacking and that it was possible the early and mixed reviews could hinder their ability to sell future albums by Wayne.

TIDAL responded to the allegations by stating that the deal with Wayne was non-exclusive and that they had been able to go ahead with it by offering the album release in exchange for giving Wayne a stake in the company.

The relationship between Wayne and Cash Money Records has been, to say the least, rocky lately, and Wayne recently sued the company for $51 million. What’s more, there have been many rumors circulating recently about the relationship between Jay Z and Lil Wayne. The rumors were fueled even more recently when Wayne announced onstage that he had “signed a deal” with Jay Z, though it seems now that the “deal” he was referring to was simply the streaming deal with TIDAL.