Woman finds her new house vandalized with racist graffiti

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A Tampa woman who recently relocated her family to a Georgia suburb found her new home vandalized with racist graffiti before she even finished moving all of her belongings.

Jennie McNair alleges that when she returned last week to her new Ellenwood, GA home, where she had moved to have a fresh start – she was horrified to see racial slurs, insults and swastikas sprawling the walls.

“It’s basically destroyed. Everything,” she said in an interview with Atlanta 11 WXIA.

McNair says she doesn’t know anyone in the area, and has no idea who could be responsible.

Messages referencing the KKK and the South rising leave authorities believing the incident may have been racially motivated. 

“Me and my kids are basically homeless. We really don’t know where to start,”she said. 

Though renter’s insurance policy will help replace some of what she’s lost, the trauma from experience has left her shaken. McNair has decided to move back to Florida permanently after being released from her lease. 

The culprits remain at large.