Missouri woman dies after receiving illegal butt injections

theGRIO REPORT - Another woman has died shortly after receiving illegal buttocks injections.

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Another woman has died shortly after receiving illegal buttocks injections.

According to the family of 22-year-old Daysha Phillips, she felt sick almost immediately after receiving illegal butt injections in a Missouri hotel, and then died only days later.

“The victim went into respiratory distress, it was determined by family members what had occurred that could have led up to it,” said Chief Miklos Hurocy of the Edmundson Police Department, reports KMOV-TV. “They added two and two together and we were notified.”

Phillips and three other women were given injections in a hotel room at the Drury Inn in Edmundson, Missouri, but police are not yet sure how much they paid or what they were injected with.

Multiple women around the country have died from illegal butt injections. In most cases unlicensed people, who pose as doctors or experienced professionals, perform the procedures, using anything from silicone to Fix-a-Flat to Krazy Glue.

In the meantime, police are trying to track down the person responsible for giving Phillips the injections using the hotel’s surveillance footage and are also trying to track down the three other women.

“We’re trying to look at photographs, videos and identify suspects in the case,” said Chief Hurocy. “Now we’re just trying to follow the leads that we have.”