Zoe Kravitz pokes fun at dad's wardrobe malfunction on stage, hilariously dubbed #Penisgate

theGRIO REPORT - Lenny Kravitz has a wardrobe malfunction in which his pants split during a performance on Monday in Stockholme. Of course, his daughter Zoë Kravitz was embarrassed.

It’s a wardrobe malfunction Lenny Kravitz would probably like to put behind him.

His male member was exposed recently when his pants ripped and everyone, including his daughter, saw it.

Zoë Kravitz, fortunately, is taking her dad’s misfortunes with giant laugh.

Following the incident, forever known as #penisgate, Lenny posted a text message from Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler on his Instagram page:


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Zoe, not to be outdone, shared her point of view posting a text conversation between her and Tyler’s daughter Chelsea to Instagram:

? @chelsannat • @lennykravitz • @iamstevent • #rockoutwithyourcockout •

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“What?! Oh no.. Twitter? Oh god…” Chelsea Tyler replied and then followed up with a second message. “Hahha #penisgate.”

Both girls used emojis to express the fatherly embarrassment they’re experiencing.