Jesse Williams shreds 'All Lives Matter' supporters with one Instagram post

Jesse Williams strikes again.

The actor, activist and social media slayer took aim at “All Lives Matter” supporters Thursday. On Instagram, Williams posted an image showing two houses — one was burning, one was not.

The “firefighter” (who appears to be looking away) in the illustration is directing the “fire hose” at the house that isn’t burning. Meanwhile, the burning house continues to…well… burn.

The title of the photo fittingly reads: “All Houses Matter.” Williams caption reads, “We see you. So will history.”

We see you. So will history.

A photo posted by Jesse Williams (@ijessewilliams) on

The Instagram post is clearly a knock on those who choose to respond to “Black Lives Matter” protests with some form of “All Lives Matter.”

In April, Williams’ tweet about the Baltimore riots was retweeted and favorited some 42,000 times. In June, he added perspective to Sandra Bland’s death with 24 blistering tweets.

Never change, Jesse.

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