Former Texas officer may have hired a hitman to kill pregnant lover

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Authorities investigating the death of Samantha Dean have been searching through the police locker of Austin Police Department Officer VonTrey Clark for any clues.

Although nothing was seized in the search, investigators did find other evidence suggesting that Clark was looking to pay someone to kill his pregnant lover.

Aaron Williams revealed during an interview with a Texas Ranger that Kevin Watson had told him Clark wanted “to pay someone $5,000 to kill Dean and her baby due to Dean wanting Clark to pay child support for the baby.”

Watson then told Williams that he and Freddie Smith had killed Dean for Clark and that the “murder had been set up to look like a drug deal.”

Currently, Clark is in Indonesia and has been since mid-July. He traveled there without the approval of his supervisors, say Austin officials, and was taken into custody there by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, though it is not clear at what point the FBI took custody of him.

Clark’s attorney, Bristol Myers, said that Bastrop County “secretly issued an arrest warrant for Officer Clark after he left for Indonesia, and this is the likely cause of what officials are calling a Visa problem.” Myers goes onto say, “Officer Clark booked an international round trip flight in his own name, used his own passport, and was easily located. These are not the hallmarks of a fugitive.”