Lala and Carmelo Anthony respond to cheating rumors with Instagram video

Lala and Carmelo Anthony respond to cheating rumors in new Instagram video where Lala performs Nicki Minaj song lyrics...

This week Lala and Carmelo Anthony fell prey to internet rumors of infidelity within their marriage.

Rumors circulated that Lala had an affair with Maino after the rapper’s baby mama put her on blast in an Instagram post.

“Does you husband know that your hoe a** has been fu**ing my daughter’s father. That you slept over his house the other night after the movies. How does it feel to be the slut responsible for his daughter never waking up to see her father ever again!,” Patrice E. wrote in the comment section of one of Carmelo’s old Instagram photos.


The internet later exploded with folks calling out Lala for “cheating.”

Well it looks like the Anthonys are putting on a united front in their new Instagram video captioned “all eyes on us,” which many are calling a response to infidelity rumors.