Photoshop fail: Did Jeb Bush's super PAC paste his head onto black man's body?

african kings

Right to Rise, Jeb Bush’s super PAC, is being accused of an embarrassing Photoshop mistake.

In flyers set to go out to Iowa, observers noticed that the picture of Jeb Bush on the flyer had an irregularity: one hand was significantly darker than the other. This led people to believe that Bush’s face had been Photoshopped onto the body of a black man for the flyer.

The super PAC also used a stock image of Cedar River in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, despite the fact that the candidate had already visited that location and had pictures of himself there.

Although it is unclear why Right to Rise used stock images and Photoshop, it is not allowed to coordinate flyers with the Bush campaign or to ask for a photo from the campaign.

Still, it is a pretty embarrassing, and glaring, error.