Azealia Banks would like black media outlets to please stop covering her.

On Sunday, Banks posted a picture to Twitter of herself in Ebony magazine in an article discussing the much-publicized dispute between Banks and Australian rapper Iggy Azalea over cultural appropriation.

In the tweet, which has since been taken down, Banks said, “The only time I made it 2 ebony magazine was in a discussion of another white woman. Black media is counter productive.”

But the “212” rapper wasn’t done. In a series of tweets about black media, she went on, “I beg black media publications to stop covering Azealia Banks. You have done the MOST to damage my brand. I don’t fall in line with your self righteous black Christian social beliefs and I never will. So please stop covering me. Ni**asneverlovedmeishouldreallystoplovingthem. I need to just leave the kneegrows in the fields and enjoy my time in the big house!! Seems like that’s what people want me to do anyway.”

What do you think? Does Azealia have a point here?