Angie Stone and her daughter discuss brutal fight with T.D. Jakes for the first time

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Singer Angie Stone and her daughter Diamond are trying to mend their relationship on an episode of the T.D. Jakes Show.

In March the Grammy-nominated singer was arrested in DeKalb County on a charge of domestic aggravated assault after getting into a physical altercation with her 31-year-old daughter Diamond.

The brutal fight between the two women caught national headlines when Diamond took to social media with images of herself after the fight. Angie was arrested after the fight, and Diamond ended up losing several of her teeth.

Now, the two of them are trying to figure out how to effectively make their mother daughter relationship work, but if the clips teasing the show are anything to judge by, they still have a long way to go:

Diamond: Anytime we argue, she’s curses me, her mother curses me…

Angie: You curse your 71-year-old grandmother and me out. Okay. 

Diamond: But why?

Angie: As a mother, if I’m not allowed to communicate with you as a mother and daughter…

Diamond: Before you sit here and tell the world that I cursed you out, tell them why.

Angie: But you don’t listen. I’m your mother and you never listen. But Diamond, I’m your mother. 

Diamond: But what does that mean? If you’re my mother and everything you say is supposed to go, when do I get to express myself?

T.D. Jakes: Now you know if this is what’s going on, on national tv can you imagine what’s going on in the house? Can you imagine?

The T.D. Jakes Show is only airing in four cities during its test run, so people living in Atlanta, Cleveland, Minneapolis and Dallas will get to see the episode today when it airs Thursday afternoon.