Usain Bolt knocked over by cameraman after winning world gold medal

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Apparently, even gold medal winners have got to watch their backs.

In a clip that is now going viral, a cameraman riding a Segway can be seen losing control of his Segway and accidentally crashing into Usain Bolt shortly after Bolt had won a gold medal for his race. The cameraman took down the runner from behind, and they both crashed into a heap before Bolt quickly, but carefully, got up and walked away from the cameraman as fast as he could.

The incident took place just after the 200-meter sprint at the World Athletics Championships, and Bolt had just run his fastest time of the year, with 19.55 seconds. It was a highly anticipated matchup against American Justin Gatlin, who he beat at the 100-meter race on Sunday by a mere 0.01 seconds.

And although it was the cameraman crash that had the Internet talking, Bolt wanted to focus on his race, not on the aftermath.

“They said it couldn’t be done.. But my peeps even when they tell you that all the odds are against you never give up.. Fight on and keep believing in your God ability,” he said on Twitter and Instagram.

Still, as one commenter put it, “But never trust the cameramen!!”