Gatorade commissioned artists to paint a mural of Serena Williams in New York City and debuted a new commercial featuring the footage of the superstar as a young girl in Compton.

The mural project was part of Gatorade’s “Serena 21” art series and was made to honor her 21 Grand Slam championships. It was painted on the corner of Kent Ave and Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by artists from Overall Murals, reports the Huffington Post.

Each of the 21 paintings in the series illustrates a historic moment in Williams’ storied career, and now, Gatorade has released a commercial to go along with the art.

“If you were a tennis player, who would you want to be like?” a reporter asks Serena Williams as a young girl in Compton to open the commercial.

Then, the moving commercial shows highlights and footage of her life and career. It showcases her victories, as well as battles.

At the end of the commercial, the audio of the reporter asking, “If you were a tennis player, who would you want to be like?”

“Well, I’d like other people to be like me,” a young Williams says.

Check out the amazing commercial above! And check out some exclusive photos of the BK murals on HuffPo.