Man Racial Slur Front Lawn
Courtney Gordon (Image via WESH-TV video)

A Florida man returned home to find the n-word had been ‘written’ on his front lawn in massive letters.

Courtney Gordon said he doesn’t appreciate the act, which is now being investigated as a possible hate crime. The vandals reportedly ‘burned’ the n-word in three-foot letters into Gordon’s lawn using chemicals.

“I feel like this is a threat to me and my family, so I’m not too happy about it,” Gordon told WESH-TV. “You can see them slowing down when they go by my house, so everybody’s just driving by and reading it.”

Watch Gordon’s interview with WESH-TV here

Police are investigating the case, but Gordon has his own suspicions about who did it.

“I have a feeling of who done it,” Gordon said. “It’s like a group of them, and I leave them to God. I’m a big guy, so they’re not gonna come to me and say that. They did it like the way they did it, behind my back and at night.”

Although Gordon had a security camera, it was not on at the time. However, he said that he will be sure to keep it on from now on.

“I feel that they’re a coward, because if they have an issue with me, it’s just best to come and speak to me, and not take it to a level as this,” Gordon said.