Master P and Sonya Miller’s divorce struggle has been one for the ages.

Miller said recently she’s no longer allowed in the couple’s home, though the rapper has denied her claim.

“I just don’t want her boyfriend or people that’s coming to party,” he recently told TMZ. P added that he would be willing to give Sonja “all of the money” if she would break up with her boyfriend and fulfill her obligations as a mother.

Watch Master P respond to claims his estranged wife is banned from their home:

“If she can take care of this beautiful family and do what she gotta do, she can have all the money. She don’t need to go to court. She don’t need to do none of that,” he said. “I just want her to take care of my kids and do what she need to do as a mom – her boyfriend not gonna come to my house at all.”

The rapper said Sonya’s allegations are for mere publicity.

“I’m not trying to bash her or nothing but it’s wrong what she’s doing,” he said. ”I don’t need to buy a car or none of that type of stuff but I”ll definitely spend money to send her to rehab if I need to.”