Amber Rose blasts Instagram after being criticized for kissing her son on the mouth

Amber Rose blasts her critics on Instagram after she posts of a photo of her son with her lipstick on his lips...

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Amber Rose was just sharing what she thought was a cute moment with her son Sebastian yesterday when she posted an image of him with lipstick on his lips with the caption, “After mummy kisses her baby.”

But fans blasted her for kissing him on the mouth (even saying things like she shouldn’t kiss him with the same lips she “sucks d***” with), and she ended up going at it with some her more than 7 million Instagram followers.

“Too Bad all of u miserable f***s never had mothers that loved u,” she wrote. Do urselfs a favor…. Take a long broom stick (No Lube Please) gently stick it up ur asses, sit all the way down on it and die slow u hateful pieces of s***. P.S everyone else have a blessed day.”