Christina Sajous and Ethan Paulini, two stage actors, had just finished watching an Off-Broadway show and were headed to Harlem, so they hailed a cab. By the end of the ride, they were arrested in a bogus dispute over the cab fare.

The whole nightmare started when driver Gregory Adolph didn’t take the route they requested, and Sajous pointed it out. Adolph allegedly then responded, “I don’t have to do anything for a n—–.”

A shocked Paulini then asked, “What did you say?”

“Now the f—-t got something to say,” Adolph replied.

Appalled, the two actors both got out of the cab, paid their fare for the distance traveled, and wanted to take the subway from there. Adolph insisted that they get back in the cab because he wanted the full fare and also stated that he did not want to pick up any more passengers headed downtown for the “filthy n—– neighborhood.”

But when Sajous and Paulini headed to the platform to take the subway, they were approached by four police officers who asked them to return to the street. According to the lawsuit against Adolph, the cab driver had claimed that the two men skipped their fare.

Paulini gave the driver another $20 and said, “If this makes you go away, please take it. Now I paid it twice.”

He then reached into his pocket again to show his receipt to the officers to prove he had already paid, to which one responded, “Never put your hands in your pockets around a police officer.”

Paulini tried to explain, but the officer just said, “Show it to the judge,” and pushed him into a police car.

“So (the driver) can insult us and we are the ones getting arrested?” Sajous asked.

“Yup,” a cop replied.

Now, the two actors are suing Adolph and are seeking damages to be determined at trial.

“We’ll review the allegations and investigate the facts once we are served,” a Law Department spokesman said.