Houston bar responds to allegations of racial discrimination

A Houston bar has responded to claims of racial discrimination after African-American customers say that they were told they would have to pay $20 to get into the bar, but none of the white patrons had to pay to get inside.

The men said that the doorman told them about the supposed charge at the door, so they waited off to the side to see if there was any truth to the claims.

“And we just sat across the street and watched and we noticed that all of the Caucasian people were able to get in without paying the 20 dollar cover,” said Dan Scarbrough.

“This is 2015 and we’re supposed to be living in post racial America but this is what’s going on,” said Ken Piggee.

Their story gained traction on Facebook and even ignited a campaign to boycott the bar, which got the Gaslamp’s attention.

“We see a lot of people rushing to judgment,” said attorney Tim Sutherland. “And that’s fine to get behind a movement but you should explore all the facts.” He also noted that the cover was charged because the men were trying to get to an upper level that always comes with a charge for all but VIP members.

But not everyone is convinced of that explanation.

“The Gaslamp is an example for things that need to change all over America,” said Brandon Ball. “And hopefully the post puts a little dent in that.”