Teacher passes inappropriate notes, selfies to second grader

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Cary Reed became concerned when his 7-year-old daughter came home from school with a strange note from a teacher at the school.

The teacher, who teaches 4th grade, was not Reed’s daughter’s (she is in the 2nd grade), but it was concerning nonetheless. The note, which was passed to Reed’s daughter on the playground, had pictures of the teacher with his tongue out and called the girl names like “stinky butt.”

“As I read over the letter, it was concerning since it had the teacher’s face and he was using pet names to refer to her,” Reed said. “We felt it was inappropriate and grooming behaviors.”

The next day, the girl received another note with a poem asking for her “friendship” as well as phrases like “you make me smile.”

“At that point, we felt like we needed to address it with the school,” Reed said.

However, Aurora Academy Charter School, despite saying that it would launch a full investigation, emailed Reed back only a day later to say, “(the teacher) understands his behavior was inappropriate. He assures me it will not happen again.”

Although Reed is not satisfied with the school’s response and wants something more to be done, the school stands by its decision, and the teacher is still employed there.